Country Dogs; City Dogs

Did some city stuff with the country dogs today when we visited Anns in Nashville today! Rosie and Emma at Sevier Park in Nashville. Um, humans, those dogs are def off-leash! And, of course, when in Nashville, must do the murals! High five! Did you get that pic, Pam? Jack getting into the whole Nashville... Continue Reading →

Add a Favorite: Berry Chantilly Cake

In March we made the trek down to Baton Rouge to visit my oldest daughter, Mary, and her husband, Joseph, and the closest (thank goodness) thing we have to grandchildren, the goldendoodles (IG: doubledoodle_) Nala and Simba. We, and by that, I mean my husband and Joseph and Mary signed up last minute and participated... Continue Reading →

Easter Cooking

Easter has always been a big holiday at our home, with egg dyeing and egg hunts, hosting church events, and preparing for a huge family meal. This year marked the end of an era - our last child will go to college in the fall, and next year, its likely we won't have any children... Continue Reading →

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