Kitchen Renovation Part 4: What a difference a week makes!

I’m ecstatic about our new countertops, which got installed TODAY!! It makes such a difference!! Helps to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Also, yes, we skipped Part 3, because I just have been too busy to post about it.

We still have (clearly, from above), lighting and electrical work, the ceiling (tongue and groove beadboard), the faucet to get connected, more subway tile to lay and grouting and some trim, but oh, the countertops!!!! Can a person love countertops this much? Maybe its an “absence makes the heart grow fonder thing…. nearly a month without counters is rough!

We went with quartz countertops for the durability and how they look. Shout out to Granite Gallery of the Shoals and their crew who did such an incredible (and fast) job of installation today.

And how great is this new dish cabinet working!!?? The upper is for dishes (close to the dishwasher) and the bottom will house small appliances – probably my KitchenAid mixer. Honestly, Blake Melton of Copper Shop Cabinetry in Iuka is a genius with cabinetry and his sweet wife Joy is pretty dang handy, as well! She put in all the handles and knobs and clearly is his right hand “man!”

Also, thanks to the guys at Five Points Flooring in Corinth for coming and doing a repair to the floor! The new cabinets covered up only part of an air conditioning register, but they made it good as new. Note to others: Always keep a few of the extra tile when you get your floors done! You just never know.

Loving the subway tile with the blue cabinets! I can’t wait for our contractor, Rodney Windham and his helper, Jason, to come back and finish it! It’s gonna look so good! I painted the glass-fronted cabinets last weekend to match Blake’s new ones and they look great with matching hardware now installed.

Gotta go start putting away dishes from, I believe, every horizontal surface in our house….

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