Journey to the Holy Land- Part 1: In the Wilderness

Post written by Mary McRae Fowler In February of 2019, my husband Joseph and I had the incredible opportunity to take a group from our church in Baton Rouge to the Promised Land. As a minister’s wife and a Bible teacher, I have looked forward to going to Israel for years, and I am so... Continue Reading →

Blueberries for Days, Weeks

We love all things blueberry! Years ago, I used to take the kids (pretty sure there were only three, back then!) over to Mr. Donald and Ms. Johnnie Hopkins house to pick their blueberries. They were so good to have around, and I used to put up a dozen or so quart bags each summer.... Continue Reading →

Travels in the Algarve, Portugal

Hey everyone! I'm Mary- the oldest McRae child, enneagram type 1, and world traveler! I'm excited to share my very first post on this blog about a place that I absolutely love- Portugal! This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Portugal for the third time with my husband, Joseph, and a group from... Continue Reading →

California Trip: Where the Wild Things Are

Today we drove on California Highway 1 along the coast and Big Sur and I enjoyed photographing sea lions, sea birds, breathtaking shorelines and finally, elephant seals! Big Sur. There's a reason it's a Thing! Gorgeous views that had us stopping nearly every turnout opportunity. Elephant seals! These are two juvenile males sparring. A squirrel... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Renovation Part 5: Almost Done!

Sherwin Williams "Meditative" blue on the "blue cabinet." Countertop is joined old growth pine from our own land we cut years ago, and Blake Melton (Copper Shop Cabinetry) joined it together for us. It's been 6 weeks and we just have a little bit left in our kitchen renovation. We are actually using the kitchen... Continue Reading →

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