Kitchen Renovation Part 5: Almost Done!

Sherwin Williams “Meditative” blue on the “blue cabinet.” Countertop is joined old growth pine from our own land we cut years ago, and Blake Melton (Copper Shop Cabinetry) joined it together for us.

It’s been 6 weeks and we just have a little bit left in our kitchen renovation. We are actually using the kitchen to cook in, and have loaded up the cabinets.

I have treated the wood countertops with a beeswax cutting board treatment and, so far, liquids bead up on it. It really enhanced the grain of the wood, too! I have to reapply every month or so for a while, but it’s not hard.

Our contractor still has some electrical work to do, and after that he will close in the mulls between the windows.

Rodney (of Windham’s Painting and Remodeling) finished most of the ceiling and the ceiling lights.

They worked so hard, especially with our difficult angled ceiling!

I decided I would paint the ceiling myself. I started priming.

For about two hours.

Then I called Rodney and begged him to use his sprayer to paint it. Tongue-and-groove beadboard is SO HARD to paint. Especially after a day of working and caulking alongside the crew!

So I decided to wait on him to come finish the ceiling painting. Hard to wait but, it will be done right.

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