Salsa for two: Empty Nest Rehearsal

In about a month our youngest daughter will fly the nest, and after 25 years and four great kids, it will be just me and the husband! But today, Baby-girl is off on a trip with big sister to Seattle, so it’s been a busy, but quiet Saturday; a harbinger of empty nest days ahead! Not sure how to feel about it, but when in doubt, cook, and/or, pick up my camera!

What does that have to do with salsa? Well, we will have some tacos/burritos tonight, and since it’s just us two, I just made enough salsa to fit in this small bowl!

That’s right! Just about 5 Roma tomatoes, two jalapeños, onion, cilantro and lime for TWO! In years past, I’d use 10-20 tomatoes, and be fighting off smackers left and right. And try to make enough to freeze for another meal. (I have completely abandoned frozen salsa- it’s always nasty!)

And, it took 20 minutes total, and there will be enough for us to have some tomorrow!

Crazy times in this old, quiet (today) farmhouse that’s raised three generations.

This recipe is pretty basic, but if you interested in this complete recipe and a bunch more, get my collection of family favorite recipes! Lots of food pics and family history and photos included.

Purchase online and it comes straight to you!


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