Taking time to smell the roses

One of my favorite subjects to take photos of are flowers and I’m taking today to break out of my empty nest funk and share some of the beauties I never think to post. When we travel, it takes us forever to walk about, because I become obsessed with shooting all the flowers!

Here are some roses in Sir Walter Scott’s country home, Abbotsford. If you are going to Scotland, Abbotsford is a great place to visit. Sir Walter Scott pretty much put Scots culture back on the world stage a few decades after the last Jacobite uprisings and Culloden. He built a beautiful Scots Baronial style home south of Edinburgh on the banks of the river Tweed. The gardens and grounds are as lovely as the home!

These are some of the half a million hydrangea shots I do each summer, and pretty much anywhere we go. Visiting more northern climes as we seem to each summer, we see the MOST GORGEOUS hydrangeas. They really revel in cool nights, and we just don’t get that much of that in north Mississippi. Each summer I ask myself, “Why do I try??” when I see them all.

I do not know what these are, but they grew profusely in the highlands of Scotland, like these at Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.

This Gunnera manicata, or Brazilian giant rhubarb was amazing to see. Some of the leaves can get 4 feet across! This is also in the gorgeous gardens at Dunvegan on Skye.

When I think of all the times I have planted Astilbe over the years and it fails in our hot climate… Here’s some pink astilbe among hostas and other flowering plants at Dunvegan.

Lace-cap hydrangeas are some of my favorite.

Darwin’s Barberry. Growing in a parking lot in Oban, Scotland.

Oban, Scotland. Across from our apartment.

Flower baskets in Sterling, which we only drove through.

Well, enjoy the flowers! That’s all for today.

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