Rosie and Jack: Filling the the empty nest!

Here’s a silly post about the clowns who live with us named Rosie and Jack. Our last kid went off to SMU (Pony UP!! 8-0!!!) and now we are empty nesters. For the first Halloween in 25 years, no costumes, no hustling up to get anyone dressed, no arguing about appropriateness of costumes, and no candy!

Instead, we played with the dogs. And later, I made pumpkin flavored dog treats for them. After I bathed and washed one so his stinky self could spend more time inside with us.

We have become those people. Enjoy the silliness.

Trying to teach Jack to climb up on the hay bales.
Teaching her to jump into his arms. Epic fail. (She was caught each time, but it wasn’t pretty!)
“I lub you!”
Jack says, yeah, so now what?
Pre-bath. So much purple shampoo needed after rainstorms all last weekend.
What is he so intent on?
That’s what! Game rooster and hen. Our only loose chickens. So much fun to chase when they fly!
Tongue out!
Greens not planted early enough…
This is a REALLY long tongue!
And this is 14-year-old Sadie, our border collie. Feeling plum frisky after a brushing and nail trim! She loves the cooler weather!

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