Cane Creek Canyon Hiking

When fall comes, we always get the urge to get outside and, if possible, go to the mountains! Last year, we discovered a wonderful place just less than an hour away that helps fill the urge: Cane Creek Canyon just over in the Freedom Hills of north Alabama. So the first Saturday of November we took off!

We are early birds, so we gathered up the dogs and hit the road in order to arrive at Cane Creek about 7:30 a.m. There was just one car in the parking area when we arrived. By the time we finished about five miles of trails, around 11 a.m. there were about a dozen! We didn’t see anyone on the trail until we were coming off.

The trails are well maintained by the owners of this private property. They are well marked, and when you sign in, they give you a map of the property. The creek is crossed several places by nice bridges, and there are so many beautiful vistas along the creek!

So proud of @wildrosie_theaussie for running ahead and having this cairn built on the creek bank. (Jack looks on doubtfully…)

I hope you will make some time for a visit to Cane Creek Canyon soon! It’s such a treasure for our area. For more info be sure to check out their Facebook page.

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