Simple Christmas Decorating Complete….

It’s easy to keep Christmas decorating simple when it takes you so long to get in the Christmas spirit that you don’t have time to do too much! But the kids all come home in the next week, so I had to finally get a move on and I’m glad I did!

I managed to get everything arranged Sunday afternoon, and realized…. I left my camera at the office. So these are all iPhone 10 images. I’m ok with the quality , but I won’t be packing away the Nikon anytime soon.

I hope you enjoy! Be sure to add a comment!

Got this cute basket and the candle and holder at Hobby Lobby and adorned it with ornaments, pinecones and greenery gathered from outdoors. Also, gotta refine that Portrait mode for the iPhone!

This Christmas, in honor of our family’s love for Scotland, I went with a plaid theme. The various displays have in common a couple plaid ribbons, and some cute plaid flannel runners and napkins.

Our tree goes in the room with the shortest ceiling, so we usually get short ones, but this one was also pretty skinny! I got some picks and greenery to add in for fullness and used the Black Watch and red plaid ribbons. The Black Watch one barely shows up, which was disappointing, as it was the inspiration for the whole pseudo-Scots vibe, but I still love it.

Had to include in the decor my authentic Scottish sheepskin. Had to buy a duffle in Edinburgh to carry it home in, but it has been so worth it!

I combined plaids, as you can see on the sofa. I sewed the green plaid pillow covers from the napkins, and found the grey and white plaid in the Walmart fabric department.

Our mantel stays simple, because we heat our home with this Vermont Castings wood stove. That means a 700 degree fire in the middle of the living room, and that means no fresh greenery above it and very little fresh greenery in the house -it just gets so dried out so quickly.

Runner from Hobby Lobby, combined with these adorable snowman dishes we started using last year.

Simple sprigs of cedar tucked in here and there made a difference.

Not intentional, but I have quite a few Christmas trees of various styles, so I gathered them together for a display in the corner of the kitchen. Dangerous, though – I feel like I need to start collecting bottle brush trees, now!

One of my two Jim Shore nativity sets.
Nandinas went overboard on berry production this year! I love the color they add to this area. I have used these string lights all over the place this year.

One of my favorite things in the world are Christmas lights. So much so, that we have them strung on our huge front porch throughout the year. It makes me happy to see them each evening, and they add a party vibe, especially if we eat outside.

This Christmas, my husband was wishing we had a cedar tree for the Christmas tree. I got over the romance of fetching and bringing home our own tree from the woods after several years of my arms being broken out through the holidays, though. We now get a fraser fir from somewhere for indoors, but I encouraged him to get one for the porch. I promised “old-timey” lights and tinsel, so here is what we have. I love it. Outside.

I don’t think anything else would have fit in the dining room if we had it inside!

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy every moment.


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