Woodland Baby Shower to Celebrate Future Grand/Great-nephew

We threw a successful baby shower Sunday to welcome my nephew’s soon-to-arrive baby into the world! They are decorating their nursery in a “woodland” theme – at which I initially raised my brows. But after a quick check of Pinterest… “woodland” is a big theme for baby nurseries and clothes and more! Campy millennials? No matter, there’s some really cute stuff out there! My eyes are opened!

So, we went with that theme for the baby shower at our church, and it turned out quite nice! Everyone was really complementary of the cake and cookies and punch. We kept it simple, because at our church, showers are at 2 p.m. Sundays, and everyone had just eaten, usually. I didn’t want to deal with a ton of leftover food.

Special thanks to the CakeGirls, for the design of the cake! It looked more impressive than it was difficult! I followed their advice for a spice cake and with another recipe from a favorite dessert blogger Sally’s Baking Addiction cream cheese icing, and it was super yummy as well as cute and theme appropriate!

It’s meant to look like a birch log, if you can’t tell…the original one from the CakeGirls is better:

I topped it with some little hedgehogs from the fairy garden department of Hobby Lobby. It’s really hard to find cake-topper-size-appropriate animals – I should have ordered the kit ones from Cakegirls, but thought I could find some locally. I’m glad I found these, though; the parents-to-be had a beloved hedgehog named Moses. The trees are from my Dickens’ Christmas village, which, ahem, has been put away nearly two weeks…Don’t judge. Obviously I also used Christmas trees on the table – you may recognize them from my previous post about Christmas decorating.

So of course, we had to have some hedgehog cookies, along with some fox and deer ones to go along with the theme.

I learned a lot doing these cookies. I have always wanted to do some with the royal icing, et al. But I was inspired to go ahead and try after watching this video on YouTube.

I also learned that I would probably not be doing this many of any iced cookies again! Did I think a hundred people were coming? Sigh. My back was killing me after working all day Saturday in the kitchen, just a little bent over the worktop. Ugh!

Thanks to my dear husband for the tree slices I used for display. Apparently we don’t have the pretty white birch that I imagined growing around here! But, not complaining!

I really wish I would have photographed all this in my completely naturally lit kitchen, but with the help of white balance control in Lightroom mobile on my iPhone, I wasn’t too sad about the results. The fellowship hall’s lights are for the gymnasium aspect of the building – food always looks awful in them, and photos of food are particularly bad!

My favorite thing was this delicious and perky punch my friend Teresa whipped up! I was too distracted to hear how she made it, but I think it included cranberry juice, apple juice, red hot candies, lemon juice and ginger ale. It was so tasty and had just the right hint of wintertime!

I’ll have to get her to write it down, because it was a keeper!!

Hope you found some inspiration! What kind of baby showers have you seen that are cute? I’d love to hear!

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