Visit to Wildseed Farms leaves me longing for Gardening to Begin!

During our trip in March to Fredricksburg, we visited Wildseed Farms outside of town and now I’m so inspired to start getting the gardening season going! It appears that travel plans will be limited this year, so we should be able to get some good work time around the farm.

They have 1,000 cultivated acres in Texas and over 200 acres of wildflower fields at its Hill Country headquarters we visited. When we were there, not much was blooming besides the bluebonnets and redbuds (absolutely gorgeous in their own right!), but you could imagine the potential. You can go to the Bloom Update on their website to see what is blooming now. I never had researched the place, but have since, and learned they are a big supplier of wildflower seeds. Look them up and order some seeds. They have had to close due to Covid-19 rules – can you imagine how much it impacts a garden center to not allow customers in early spring??!! So sad.

They have probably miles of walking trails among the seedbeds that will soon be wildflower fields. What a dream to be a photographer near such a location! There’s a butterfly garden and little seating areas set up all along that I’m sure are so picturesque when the blooming starts. They entered the booming Hill Country wine industry a few years ago and have acres of vineyards. Really makes me want to return to the area later in the year to see everything all blooming and growing!

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