Texas Capitol in Austin is a fun visit

On the way home from the wedding in Fredricksburg, we stopped to visit my aunt and uncle, and visited the state capitol. We do this every time we can, and I know my kids inwardly moan, but state capitol buildings are actually a really interesting place to visit!

walkway up to the Texas capitol building in Austin

It’s a great way to fill time, learn a little, and appreciate the splendid architecture!

parking meter Texas state capitol

City girl helps her daddy figure out the parking meters.

Obviously, the legislature is on a break. This was March 15th, just a few days after the Covid-19 scare really started being a big deal, so very few people. Also, I now realize it was a Sunday.

The big takeaway from this visit is TEXAS IS THE LONE STAR STATE. They take this very seriously.

Hmmmm, can we put a STAR on that? Great! It’s in!”

people designing the Texas state capitol..
Star motifs integrated in the lighting.

I imagine when they were designing and furnishing the capitol building, the designers were presented with different styles of lighting, desks, chairs, motifs for windows and masonry, etc. and their first question probably was always:

“Hmmmm, can we put a STAR on that? Great! It’s in!”

Stars on the seats. Stars on the backs. Stars on the ceilings, lights, … everywhere!

Stars on the chairs

They take this Lone Star State stuff pretty seriously! Now I’ll have to look up why the “Lone Star State!”

star in the dome of the Texas capitol building in Austin

Star at the VERY highest part of the capitol dome!

The other REALLY BIG THING in Texas is the Alamo.

Monument to the heroes of the Alamo on the grounds of Texas state capitol
Monument to the heroes of the Alamo on the grounds of Texas state capitol.

We visited it in San Antonio, and I learned so much! Those heroes of the Alamo are memorialized everywhere in Texas. I’m sure there was a law early on that said your first few streets in your town will be named Austin, Bowie, Crockett, or Travis, honoring the fallen defenders of that fortified mission church. Every town had many of the same street names!

staircase at the Texas state capitol in Austin

If you get a chance, visit a state capitol. You will learn a lot! Let me know which capitols we should be sure to see!

We have been to Colorado’s, Montana’s, Tennessee’s, and of course, Mississippi’s… trying to remember the rest!

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