In these crazy days of “social distancing,” families are making so many unfamiliar adjustments: working from home, home-schooling for the first time, trying (from a distance) to help our elders as they are separated from us, trying to keep kids and adults entertained AT HOME while we all try together to do what we can to BEAT THE SPREAD of coronavirus…

front porch
social distance

Easter is this weekend and for the first time in many of our lives we won’t be heading to church, or community egg hunts, or family gatherings together. No family pic in the yard or at church of everyone dressed up and cleaned up at the same time!

front porch sessions starting April 17, 2020

because every moment counts

It’s an insane, uncertain, and historic time, but at the same time we (well, many of us-not me 😦 ) are blessed by having our whole families safe at home together without all those things that keep us running crazy (and often separated) like work, ballgames, lessons, and meetings.

For graduating seniors my heart breaks! Out of school at least since spring break and for the foreseeable future – no senior year events, celebrations, or even commencement ceremonies. It’s bittersweet for everyone, and the future remains uncertain in a time that should be full of memory-making and bonding.

So I’m offering some Front-Porch Sessions for families, and seniors.


I’ll come by your home and take professional photos of your family on your front porch (or in the yard) for about 10 minutes. (I’ll remain physically distant at least six feet away.) You can be as dressed up or dressed down as you’d like. If you have a family member working the front lines as a First Responder or medical worker, this is a great time to honor their service.


Text or call me at 662.424.3154. Mention “front porch sessions” in your text and I’ll get back with you to schedule an afternoon soon when I can come by. For $25 I’ll shoot professional images of your family group or individuals for about 10-15 minutes from a responsibly safe distance. Controlled family pets are encouraged! But we need to abide by all the recommendations to stay at home – let’s not endanger anyone by having the entire family travel to you.

Edited images will be uploaded to an online gallery you can order downloads from for use on social media, or top quality prints to share with grandparents or other family members who may be isolated or prevented from spending time with you due to social distancing requirements.

Bonus: I can do cap and gown sessions for TC graduating seniors – I have a blue cap and gown, and it may be the only time you can get them in a cap and gown for pictures. I’d love the chance to make this special for them!

Call me if you have any questions. I am not really sure how long I will keep this offer open – since working full time, I’ve mostly “retired” from portrait photography, just doing some mini sessions by request.

cap and gown


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