Riding the Rapids! (Actually, canoeing Bear Creek)

Well, I can say now that I survived the canoe trip down Bear Creek last Saturday (November 7th)! This pic is the one I took so investigators would see it on my photo cloud and know our "last known location" if we went missing. "Oh, ye, of little faith!" My sweetie was saying, but fresh... Continue Reading →

Cane Creek Canyon Hiking

When fall comes, we always get the urge to get outside and, if possible, go to the mountains! Last year, we discovered a wonderful place just less than an hour away that helps fill the urge: Cane Creek Canyon just over in the Freedom Hills of north Alabama. So the first Saturday of November we... Continue Reading →

Bring on Fall!

Frost on and around the barn this morning. Last night we got our first frost of the season, on Halloween night, no less! So, it's officially fall here in NE Mississippi! We are "empty nesters" now, so this was our first Halloween in 25 years to not worry about costumes, or candy, and we shamelessly... Continue Reading →


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