About us

When your youngest of four children is preparing to go off to college, and you’ve (for the most part) hung up your camera for professional work and gone into semi-retirement from the news business, what’s a girl to do? Well, I still love photography, and cooking, and the cookbook was such a hit, why not start a food blog?

Me and Annsley were talking about the cookbook, and how her and Mary call home to ask about recipes and other advice. I told her of the blog idea, and we decided to create something together (though they have yet to contribute!)

So we are integrating our travel stories and photos, which in the month of this writing has one kid in Los Angeles, one in London, one in Ireland/Scotland/Nashville, and one still home with us before she moves to Dallas. Whew!

And we will try to also include recipes and stories and images of HOME, which for all of us is a historic family farm in Mississippi. We hope you enjoy what we share.

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