Texas Hill Country in the Spring

Last week we took what looks like our last trip for a while (thanks Covid-19 threat), and we were all glad it was to beautiful central Texas - San Antonio, Austin and Fredricksburg - and a hot minute of Kirby showing me where he used to work in Houston. More pics of Fredricksburg coming in... Continue Reading →

Cane Creek Canyon Hiking

When fall comes, we always get the urge to get outside and, if possible, go to the mountains! Last year, we discovered a wonderful place just less than an hour away that helps fill the urge: Cane Creek Canyon just over in the Freedom Hills of north Alabama. So the first Saturday of November we... Continue Reading →

Travels in the Algarve, Portugal

Hey everyone! I'm Mary- the oldest McRae child, enneagram type 1, and world traveler! I'm excited to share my very first post on this blog about a place that I absolutely love- Portugal! This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Portugal for the third time with my husband, Joseph, and a group from... Continue Reading →

California Trip: Where the Wild Things Are

Today we drove on California Highway 1 along the coast and Big Sur and I enjoyed photographing sea lions, sea birds, breathtaking shorelines and finally, elephant seals! Big Sur. There's a reason it's a Thing! Gorgeous views that had us stopping nearly every turnout opportunity. Elephant seals! These are two juvenile males sparring. A squirrel... Continue Reading →


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