Simple Christmas Decorating Complete….

It's easy to keep Christmas decorating simple when it takes you so long to get in the Christmas spirit that you don't have time to do too much! But the kids all come home in the next week, so I had to finally get a move on and I'm glad I did! I managed to... Continue Reading →

Bring on Fall!

Frost on and around the barn this morning. Last night we got our first frost of the season, on Halloween night, no less! So, it's officially fall here in NE Mississippi! We are "empty nesters" now, so this was our first Halloween in 25 years to not worry about costumes, or candy, and we shamelessly... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Renovation Reveal

We finally have completed the renovation of our kitchen (cue the Hallelujah Chorus, please!) And it has been everything we planned and more! Our kitchen was built in about 1968, when my husband's uncle William had the side porches closed in on the 1912 dogtrot farmhouse where he and his 8 siblings were raised. By... Continue Reading →

Blueberries for Days, Weeks

We love all things blueberry! Years ago, I used to take the kids (pretty sure there were only three, back then!) over to Mr. Donald and Ms. Johnnie Hopkins house to pick their blueberries. They were so good to have around, and I used to put up a dozen or so quart bags each summer.... Continue Reading →

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