A Walk in the Park

Just a few pics from this morning's walk in Tishomingo State Park with the dogs. Trying to get back to a regular walking schedule each morning, early, whenever it's not raining. The dogs are SO EXCITED to support this effort! The Friends of Tishomingo State Park have done such a great job beautifying parts of... Continue Reading →

Cane Creek Canyon Hiking

When fall comes, we always get the urge to get outside and, if possible, go to the mountains! Last year, we discovered a wonderful place just less than an hour away that helps fill the urge: Cane Creek Canyon just over in the Freedom Hills of north Alabama. So the first Saturday of November we... Continue Reading →

Country Dogs; City Dogs

Did some city stuff with the country dogs today when we visited Anns in Nashville today! Rosie and Emma at Sevier Park in Nashville. Um, humans, those dogs are def off-leash! And, of course, when in Nashville, must do the murals! High five! Did you get that pic, Pam? Jack getting into the whole Nashville... Continue Reading →


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