Whitewashed Pine Floor Renovation

About 15 years ago we extended our 1912 farmhouse, adding two bedrooms to accommodate our four kids. Back then, we used a lot of old-growth 2” x 6” pine lumber we cut off our own land, both for the framing (i.e. this house will never fall down) and for flooring in the bedrooms. The floors... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Renovation, Part 2: Demolition Day

Exposing the history of an old house - the good, bad and the ugly. The Good: The whole house was constructed with rough cut lumber and previous workmen have exclaimed how indestructible the old-growth wood is. They also have cursed it a bit. It's really difficult to take it apart! Also, instead of wimpy modern... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Renovation: Part 1

Our kitchen May 19th, post Sunday lunch dishes and all. We are in the process of renovating our kitchen in our 1912 dogtrot farmhouse. The original kitchen was in the center block/room of the house, and my husband's grandparents raised 9 children with that kitchen, which was the heart of the home. The other two... Continue Reading →


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